Some Info About Me

Hi there. My name’s Joel Austin and I began making and editing movies way back in the VHS era and haven’t stopped since. I hold an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from the University of Tennessee, have an extensive performance history, and currently reside on the West Coast.

I work largely in online content (I have a deep background in SEO, YouTube and have helped some content creators grow into millions of viewers/subscribers), film, audio drama, and expanded reality. My professional work tends to be on YouTube these days and I utilize a whole set of tools to help creators make the content of their dreams. Then, I assist them in actually getting that content viewed via sound SEO and Social Media strategizing.

To this end, I’m an expert in much of the Adobe Suite, including: Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Media Encoder and Photoshop. I also work on an almost daily basis with web content tools like: WordPress, Trello, ClickUp, SEMrush, VidIQ, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube Analytics, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Later, HashTagsForLikes, and a whole host of royalty-free/fair use/template sites and services.

I also teach courses on filmmaking and motion graphics at UCLA Ext, where I regularly instruct one to three classes at a time.

Finally, I’m also the guy behind the travel/witchy brand ToSalem and its associated YouTube channel. I’m very into spooky, macabre stuff and tend to gravitate toward that kind of product, but I’ve also worked with giant, totally non-spooky companies/brands like Nintendo, D.A.R.E, Mercendes Benz and many more.

Check out the links in the menu for a deep dive on any of the areas I’ve touched on thus far or keep scrolling for a more general overview of my work, background and what I’m up to today. Thanks for stopping by!

Slide Check out this showreel for a brief introduction to the sort of things I've done as an Editor. Head to the Editor Page in the menu for more clips and a full resume. Editor Joel Austin Higgins Showreel Slide I currently teach in the UCLA Ext. film department. The classes I teach on rotation are: Introduction to Premiere for Filmmakers, Advanced Motion Graphics, and Introduction to After Effects for Filmmakers. I also occasionally lead single lectures as a part of an ongoing series in the department.

Outside of UCLA, I've developed my own courses around my more esoteric interests. See which classes I'm currently offering by clicking the Instructor link in the menu.

latest work | “Salem’s Ghosts: The Lynn Lady” audio drama | writer, director