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15 to Sunrise
 Five enigmatic vampires are trapped in a gothic bar by a nihilistic psychopath who forces them to answer for their immortality. This feature film is currently in development.
Salem's Ghosts Series Three
An Expanded REality Experience
For the release of the January 2021 audio series, "Salem's Ghosts: The Lynn Lady," Joel and a team of designers, producers, and actors coordinated a live release set entirely in an interactable virtual environment. The space was designed to suit the events in the audio series and in addition to streaming the entirety of the series, the audience enjoyed live panels with special guests, an afterparty, exclusive live performances from the actors, and much more. All of this lodged an idea in the team's head to set an entire performance in such an environment. The script and world in which it will take place are both currently in development. 
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Sara is lost in her phone, lost in the world, unsure, bored, and shaken by a trauma she can't seem to look directly in the eye. But when her father finally puts his foot down, it sets off a series of strange, hilarious, haunting events that will irrevocably change Sara and might just reclaim an inner space she assumed was lost forever.

It's been six years since the passionate relationship between two troubled youths came to a sudden end. Now, at the grave of the woman who was responsible for their meeting, the two once-lovers have arrived seemingly by chance. Have the years torn them apart even more or has time found a way to soothe the ache caused by their separation?

"A Chosen Family" follows the lives of five seemingly ordinary people throughout the course of a single day. Through this process, we discover their true selves by following them through tragedies and successes. The end of the film finds our five protagonists joining together to create their chosen family and serve as a beacon to their community.

Jack Filmore arrives at the home of Mona Spencer. Not knowing who he is, Mona invites him in to dry off and warm up. Jack carries a letter from the military and a box containing Mona's husband's ashes. As the war begins crashing in on him, can Jack bring himself to tell Mona what she needs to know or will he run away?

Audio drama
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Salem's Ghosts
Set in and around Salem, Massachusetts, "Salem's Ghosts" is an ongoing audio series that merges the history of the region with fictionalized characters and scenarios aimed at giving listeners a unique storytelling experience. The first season shifted between some of the most memorable characters from the Salem Witch Trials, as well as the great Salem fire of 1914. Season Two transported the audience to the modern-day and expanded the time-weaving concept introduced in the first season to explore a real-world, unsolved murder from 1941. The second season also featured an innovative premiere, set in an expanded reality space designed specifically for the piece's release. Season three, currently in development, is a hybrid project that will take place entirely in an expanded reality space, as well as be later released as a full-cast audio drama.
Published in the rag Lit mag, "In-World" follows a couple who, following a physical impairment, rapidly descend into madness within a virtual world. As the lines between the real and generated worlds blur, the couple is forced to confront their relationship and its steadily mounting degradation in both worlds. 

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