I tend to gravitate toward highly dynamic roles. For this reason, genre has never been too much of a consideration of mine. Generally, though, I do find myself in dramas, thrillers, absurd comedies, and horror films a lot.


In terms of type, you’ll find me playing guys from the wrong side of the tracks, eccentric villains, the falsely accused, servants to uncontrollable desires, way the hell out there narrators, flawed leaders, and showmen. These archetypes reappear in my work and I revel in the opportunity to embody anyone that’s misunderstood, affable, downtrodden, eclectic, and/or wounded.

Film   |   Role   |   Prod. Co./Director
Tents  | Jared  | Alexander Bliss, Dir.
Walkin’ the Trunkline | John Kasper | Vital Visuals Productions
Dorm of the Dead  | Simon | All-Campus Theatre

Check out all my film performance at my IMDb here.


Film | Role | Prod. Co./Director


The Petrified Forest | Lineman | David Auburn Dir.


Brilliant Traces | Henry Harry | Outlet Ensemble


Rossum’s Universal Robots | Dr. Gall | Battle Damage Productions


Pericles | Gower | The Fools & Kings Project


The Aurora Project | The Designer | The Navigators Theater Company


Uncle Vanya | Alexander Serebryakov | Outlet Ensemble


2am | Mason | LiveArt NYC Series


The Adonis | Televangelist | In Our Words Productions


See Through My Lens | Multiple Roles | Latoya Owens Prod.


The Serpent Dreams of a Red Rainbow | Multiple Roles | Theatre of War


Edward II | Archbishop of Canterbury | Mercury Glass Productions


Other Desert Cities | Trip Wyeth | The Celebration Company


Sons of the Prophet | Joseph Douaihy | The Celebration Company


Of Cabbages & Kings | Multiple Roles | Groundworks Productions


An American Christmas | Multiple Roles | Groundworks Productions


Medea | Messenger | All-Campus Theatre


Line | Simon | All-Campus Theatre


Boy Gets Girl | Tony | All-Campus Theatre


Pirates of Penzance | Sam | Patchwork Players


Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat | Dan | Renaissance Players


It’s a Wonderful Life | Bert | Patchwork Players


Tradition 1A | Michael Banner | Adv. Theatre Artists


The Complete History of America Abridged | Austin | Adv. Theatre Artists


Jekyll & Hyde | Stride/Spyder | Adv. Theatre Artists


The Crucible | John Proctor | Adv. Theatre Artists