Joel Austin has been acting since the age of twelve. He has worked in the southeast, midwest, NYC/New England, and more recently on the west coast.
Joel's first film performance was when he was a high school junior in the horror film The Bell Witch Haunting. Since then, he has performed in multiple shorts, pilots, and features whose productions have occurred across the United States. 
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Recent Film Credits
Dad in Lizzie Mayes' "Dino hart," releasing in early 2023. In post-production

Ken in AJ Davis' short "vial," releasing in early 2023. In post-production.

Michael in Greyfaen Eastland's hitman short "Life, Death, and sandwiches," releasing late 2022-early 2023. shooting Autumn, 2022 

Stergile in Walter King's "Husker," releasing early 2023. In post-production

Jimmy in Nathan Quick's heartfelt feature film, "In the Summer Rain," releasing late 2022-early 2023. In Post-Production

Rowan in Luke Zwanziger's innovative short "Vines," releasing late 2022. In Post-production.

Warren in Anthony Gavis' DYstopian Short "Surplus Terminal," Releasing Late 2022. In Post-Production.

Ryan in Sinjun Balabanoff's Dramatic short "The Offer," releasing Mid-2022. In festival submission.

The Harvester in Gavin Bradley and Andrew Allen's Post-Apocalyptic Short "The Harvester," releasing in Late 2022. In Post-production.

Zack in Roman P. Martinez's Horror Feature "Crystal," releasing mid-2022. In festival submission.

Joel's theatrical career began in elementary school. As a teenager, he won several district and state competitions in dramatic performance with the National Forensics League, in addition to qualifying for and competing in a national competition. Later in New York City, he studied Meisner at the Matthew corozine Studio and Advanced Scene Study at the Terry Schreiber Studio. Currently, he studies with Brooke Totman at the Shoebox theater in Portland, OR. 
Recent Theatrical Credits
Multiple Roles in "The Petrified Forest" directed by David Auburn

Henry Harry in "Brilliant Traces" directed by Dunya Karam

Dr. Gall in "Rossum's Universal Robots" directed by Kimberly Flores
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